Welcome to the New Heyscoops.com

Posted March 24th, 2019 by HoJack

I finally found some time to create a new site for the boys.  It's sort of similar to the old site, but with some improvements.  The most important feature is the ability for the guys to manage the new site on their own, but that isn't as important to Scoops, so here are some highlighted new fangled features:

  • This here blog.  The guys can write articles whenever they feel like it.  Write them and tell them to make it happen!
  • The homepage now prominently features the newest videos, tweets, episodes and more.  Also, the Patreon button is right there on the side instead of not on the site at all. 
  • A featured shop item is always displayed on the right rail, making it easy to track whatever the newest swag is!
  • Twitch feed is embedded right there on the homepage!
  • More focus on social media, with easy to find links to wherever the boys (and other Scoops) are on the net.
  • Live Events - A new page to see the latest news on where you might catch the ICS crew next.

I am sure there is more, but really I am just putting this in here so there is at least some content before we launch this beast.  Hopefully one of the guys will write a real article and it will be funny.