Paul's First Blog

Posted May 5th, 2019 by Paul

This month has been LOCO!

       The zombie hole closed so I don't have my nine to five anymore. It's been quite a relief as the place was braindead already, someone just needed to pull the plug. The gig had it's benefits. Very flexible and only four days a week but it was time to move on anyway. We got back from a very successful Churn Out in Pittsburgh! I had so much fun improvising and teaching even if my improv rage started to show a bit. The set that Matt and I had at the Moose Lodge was one of the best I personally feel I have ever been a part of. When I laugh inside the show and break, something truly ridiculous has happened. I try so hard never to break in a scene but once in a while it is the only option. Carl and Amy made us feel like true rockstars by driving us around in their Camper! It was first class service and I felt so spoiled and happy. Thank you again Carl. It is always so good to see familiar faces in the scoop crowd at these events and man did you guys show up in force. So many gifts! you all spoil us! It was also super cool to see many new faces in the mix. I hope I got to say hi to everyone who wanted to say hi. I extended my stay in the old steel city hanging out with my In-laws. As always they showed me a great time and the highlight of the trip was Falling Water, The Frank Lloyd Wright designed home built over a waterfall. So cool. Anne and I got to actually see each other for  minute without any work worries and it was great. A couple weeks later I headed back to Kentucky for a friend's wedding. I got to see my brother and his kids. Nice quick visit. In and out is the best way to do the old KY. finally home and chilling after doing a warmup gig for Hell's Kitchen. What an amazing opportunity and I hope the start of more such work down the road. I'm trying to just be unemployed for a bit and not get too worried about what is next. So far so good. Honestly without the scoop community and all the love and support for the podcast I'd be in a way worse place but you guys (and Anne of course) really keep me going and I truly hope that we can make ICS the job soon. I will be writing more and more often, working to develop better writing habits and this is a great component for that. If you guys want me to write more blogs please send me some questions or topics you'd like to hear about and that should get me inspired! I hope all of you are well as we head into summer. We are about to put together the comedy album and plans are starting for scoopfest 2020! Much love to you all and FYITF-TFP